Euphoria Benefit Eddison
Description:Euphoria Benefit Eddison is for pearl beginner. The market price generally is $19.9. We have special deal for new friend only $9.9. As a single round pearl, it has round or oval shape. It takes 3 years to grow in...
$18.90 $9.90
Eternity Single Pearls
Description: Eternity Multiple Pearls refer to forever, always, and a limitless time. The shape is like a pancake. These are just some ways to describe the endless and sometimes frightening idea of eternity. Its shape looks like a real heart and there...
$28.99 $14.99
Panacea Multiple Peals
Description: Panacea Multiple Peals has more than 20 pearls in 1 Panacea clam. 100% of chance has at leasst 4mm eddison in the middle. Most of them are light color, such like light gold, champagne,white and orange. It takes 6-8 year...
$28.90 $19.90
Mellifluous Single Eddison
Description: Mellifluous Single Eddison has 1 single round pearl, super shiny, and rounder than Euphoria Benefit Eddison. It takes 8-10 year to grow and is up to 9-13mm.This lyrical Mellifluous Single Eddison refers to something that is sweet and enjoyable. Cultured freshwater...
$45.90 $22.90
Prime Pearl Shell
$24.80 $12.80
Prime Pearl Shell
Description: Pearls made of shell, or “shell pearls,” have a long history in the jewelry market. shell pearls can come in a wide range of colors, from neon blue to hot pink to mint green. Note: After you place an...
$24.80 $12.80
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