Automatic car wash brush

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1、Soft Brush: The brush head rotates automatically, and the soft brush head is easy to brush. The water flow enters the water pipe, and the pressure of the water pipe pushes this wheel to make it work automatically without electric current.
2、Automatic Foaming: Put the cleaning agent into the box for automatic foaming.
3、Eco and Durable: The 250ml transparent cleaning agent pot is made of new type PE blow molding, which is eco-friendly and resistant to acid and alkali. It can be used for detergent, detergent, or soapy water.
4、Easy car-cleaning: The inner ring is woven from dense Chenille and matched with the slightly tough brush hair of the outer ring. With a light brush, the stains disappear and the car wash is easier without hurting the paint.
5、Nonslip Handle: The ergonomic non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip and fits the shape of the hand without getting tired.


Automatic car wash brush
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