Full Spectrum LED Grow Light(50% Off Today)

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  • TRIPLE HEAD FOR WIDER COVERAGE: 3 heads means you have the lights all pointing towards your plant or tree at different angles. You could successfully use plant grow lights for growing strawberries, even a fruit tree indoors.
  • ADVANCED ELECTRICTY SAVING TECHNOLOGY: Plant grow light produces brighter light and uses less power and produces less heat, you will save even more money on your electricity bill.
  • PROFESSIONAL RED/BLUE LED COMBINATION: Plant grow lights meets all the conditions of plant growth without sunlight. This professional grow lamp stimulates plant growth by multi-directional illumination.
  • BRILLIANT ON/OFF TIMING FUNCTION: we can set this grow light up for lighting every 3/ 9/12 hours. Grow lights for indoor plants will help you solve the trouble of not being able to turn on it when you are away from home or forget to turn it on when you're busy.
  • Product Type: LED Grow Light
  • Material: Aluminum & PVC
  • Power: 3W 9W 15W 18W 27W 30W 45W 36W 60W
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Working Temperature: -20°~40°
  • Life Time: 50000 hours
  • Lighting Range: 2-3 square meters