Hair Laundry Removal Device Wool Washing Machine

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Plum-shaped washing machine hair remover cleaning net bag Washing machine floating filter except sticky hair net bag
Name: Household floating washing machine hair remover

Size: plum diameter is about 9cm, laundry bag is about 14.5cm long, the total factory is about 17.5cm.
Color: blue pink
Material: PP polyester
Packing: OPP bag

Brief introduction:

1. Plum-type hair remover, ultra-fine filter bag laundry can absorb excess hair and debris into the net bag, will not damage the clothing net bag can be put into the laundry liquid, dissolve according to the water speed
2. Using the principle of water flow to generate vortex, the excess thread and debris on the clothes are absorbed into the net bag and the dissolution of the washing powder can be released slowly, so that the laundry is more vigorous and does not hurt the clothes.
3. Plum shape, light and lovely, easy to break into the washing machine, can play the role of floating in the water
4. Conical design, more durable, more convenient for absorbing residual debris when washing and stirring
Package content:1pcs Filter Bag