Su35 RC Jet plane

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Main Specifications for Su 35 RC Jet Plane Kit:
Flying Weight:2700g
Motor: 3048-2150KV X2  out-runner brushless motor (Not Included)
Servo:9 pcs 9g servos, 2 pcs 17g metal gear servos (Not Included)
Ducted fan: 2 pcs 70mm EDF with 12 blades
ESC: 2 pcs 60A ESC (Not Included)



Su35 Kit:
KIT just airframe with duct.
It does not include Motor, Servo, ESC, RC, Battery, Charger!
Pls kindly be noted!
Su35 PNP includes:
Airframe with 2 pcs 3048-2150KV out-runner brushless motor.
2 pcs 70mm EDF WITH 12 Blades fan
2 pcs 60A ESC
9 pcs 9g servos, 2 pcs 17g metal gear servos
Scale electric retracts with strong alu parts